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Sanctions are legal restrictions put in place by the UN, UK, EU or Gibraltar in appropriate cases to achieve specific policy or security objectives.

Sanctions have been implemented effectively in Gibraltar for many years. However, among other new features, the Sanctions Act 2019 provides for the automatic recognition and enforcement of UN, UK and EU sanctions.

The Sanctions Act 2019 and the Terrorist-Asset Freezing Regulations 2011 also provide for separate Gibraltar sanctions designations to be made by the relevant competent authorities in Gibraltar if necessary. Any such designations will be posted on this page. There are no such designations at present.  Notifications of Sanction Notices are also communicated to all THEMIS users via its Notice Board.

The United Kingdom automatically implements United Nations sanctions. For the latest financial sanctions targets by regime, implemented by the UK's HM Treasury's Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (OFSI) please click here.

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Enquiries relating to asset freezing or other financial sanctions should be submitted to the Competent Authority.

Specific exemptions and licensing powers are generally contained in financial sanctions legislation and can allow otherwise prohibited transactions to take place in some circumstances. A licence is a written authorisation from Gibraltar competent authority permitting an otherwise prohibited act, which can be requested from the Competent Authority.

Reports of frozen funds and economic resources, information regarding a designated person, and notifications of credits to frozen accounts should be submitted to the GFIU via its online reporting system (THEMIS). Reports regarding suspected breaches should be submitted in the same manner.

For more information about the reporting process, contact the GFIU at

For more information on export controls related to sanctions, contact HM Customs (Gibraltar), at

For more information on immigration sanctions, contact Borders and Coastguard Agency, at

To subscribe to the UK's Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (OFSI) click here.



Sanctions Licences


The Gibraltar competent authority can issue licences under section 10 (and any regulations made under section 31) of the Sanctions Act 2019 where there are specific and relevant licensing grounds enabling it to do so, and where the conditions on those grounds have been met.

For sanctions exemption licence applications, contact the competent authority at

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