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The Financial Liaison and Intelligence Network (FLINT) is a public-private partnership, that is led by the GFIU and is a collaboration between the Royal Gibraltar Police, HM Customs, the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission and a number of banks in Gibraltar.

FLINT is an initiative that brings together the collective experience and resources of public sector bodies responsible for countering money laundering, terrorist financing and proliferation financing, supported by industry experts within the banking sector. The partnership does not replace the legal obligations for each of the reporting entities to report suspicious activity reports. It enhances and supports the sharing of information between the members of the network through the legal gateways under Gibraltar’s legislative framework to prevent and detect crime.  The establishment of FLINT ensures that all partners can work collaboratively to identify and address emerging and residual risks through strategic and operational intelligence. It also provides a more comprehensive and better-informed analysis for future National Risk Assessments. The sharing of information by law enforcement can have greater benefits for understanding specific risks and vulnerabilities in Gibraltar. For example, it will assist in identifying and disrupting criminals from exploiting financial institutions through intelligence provided by the GFIU. FLINT  also provides opportunities at a strategic level to develop sectoral typologies on emerging or existing trends used by criminals. Logo 25 Years Logo

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