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The e-Nexus Series is an online program designed to reach out to financial and non-financial reporting entities that are obliged by law in Gibraltar to submit Suspicious Activity Reports. e-Nexus provides training sessions and workshops that will enhance awareness on the latest legislative changes, international dynamic financial obligations, and the evolving methods used by criminals and terrorists to launder money. Each bespoke workshop is interactive and can be taken at your own pace and at a time that’s convenient for you. 

e-Nexus is not designed to replace money laundering/ terrorist financing courses or other qualifications and consequently does not absolve relevant financial businesses of their legal obligations under the Proceeds of Crimes Act 2015 to take appropriate measures for training.

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If you wish to access the e-Learning Site you will need to go to e-Nexus Registration. Click here for the Step by Step Guide. 

See our current Workshops below. Once you gain access to the site, you will need to click on your account profile and click on 'My Courses' to start the other workshops that are automatically uploaded by GFIU.

Terrorist Financing


This workshop is an e-Learning module on Terrorist Financing and is intended to provide you with a foundation of what terrorist groups, lone actors, foreign terrorist fighters, and right-wing terrorists/ extremists require to operate. It also provides you with common red flags and the various offences that are covered under the Terrorism Act 2018.   It is largely based on the Counter-Terrorist Financing Guidance Notes.


Online Child Sexual Exploitation & Abuse


This workshop is an e-Learning module on online Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation and aims to help you understand the complexities of child exploitation that occurs via live online streaming. It also provides you with red flags associated with this heinous crime.


Requesting Consent / DAML from GFIU


This workshop is an e-Learning module on Consent Requests and is intended to assist you in improving the quality of the information submitted to the GFIU.  It also provides you with case studies based on real scenarios received by the GFIU.


Donors, Charities and Terrorist Financing


This workshop is an e-Learning module on Donors, Charities, and Terrorist Financing and is intended to provide raise awareness of how, unwittingly, donations to charitable causes could be exploited for terrorist financing as well as what you, as a donor, can do to prevent donations ending up for the wrong purposes.


Proliferation Financing


This workshop is an e-Learning module on Proliferation Financing and is designed to help you understand and implement the obligations of the UN Security Council Resolutions and how to identify how sanctions are evaded by proliferating states. It is largely based on the Counter-Proliferation Financing Guidance Notes.


Dual Reporting Gambling Module


This module is designed for Gambling Operators only. It explains the process of requesting a DAML or Consent from the UK and/ or GFIU.

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